Marketing eMail would like to offer you a bit more of a real world price comparison. We want to talk yearly cost. Email marketing is the best marketing value for your dollar, and Marketing eMail gives you more... for less.

We have selected some subscriber list sizes that are typical price break points in this industry. This shows how you can save at all these levels with our simple and affordable pay as you go rates and our yearly price caps.

Price Comparison for 12 Months Service*

List size   Marketing eMail Constant Contact Emma
500 $48† $480 $648
1,000 $240 or less $480 $648
2,500 $480 or less $720 $912
5,000 $720 or less $1080 $1175
10,000 $1040 or less unpublished $2232

Marketing eMail can handle lists of up to 2.5 million subscribers

* Our prices above are the maximum you would pay in a year. You can save even more if you send out 2 or less campaigns a month. You will never pay more than shown above in a year with us!

†500 and under lists are allowed 10,000 sends for annual prepaid fee. Additional campaigns cost $4 each.

The above prices of the two competitors are based on their pay as you go monthly payment plans. Both Constant Contact and Emma offer good pre-pay discounts to their customers. The down side to pre-pay is that you pay for something in advance whether you use it or not. Plus, we can still beat their discounted prices!

Affordable Email Pricing Plans

Our pricing starts at a low annual fee of just $48 a year for lists of up to 500 subscribers. That gets you a customized template for your domain and the ability to send up to 10K emails to your list. You can even send more than 10K emails for just $4 per additional campaign.

Marketing eMail simply charges a flat rate of 65¢ per 100 emails that we send per campaign for our customers with over 500 subscribers. There is a minimum $4 fee per email campaign. No monthly bill based on the size of the mailing list, no additional charges for storing any images, and it is billed monthly. We also cap your yearly charges based on sending 36 campaigns** to your average list size!

New accounts with over 500 subscribers pay an upfront charge of $48 for a custom template and their first 5K emails. This is a one time only charge.

We do offer custom email design and image production for an additional fee. See more info on our design page.

FMPWEB/Foster Enterprises web hosting clients pay no upfront or annual fees for this service. Hosting clients with lists under 250 subscribers can even send two campaigns a month at no charge.

** larger lists reach cap even earlier

Marketing eMail reserves the right to change its rates and policies. Comparison based on published prices as of 6/1/2016.

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