Mail List Policies

1. Only opt-in lists are allowed. No purchased lists can ever be used. Scraping addresses from websites and print publications is also not allowed.

2. Emails sent to the list must be CAN-SPAM Act compliant. This is the fairly simple federal mandate designed to protect list recipients. Read more about it at: http://business.ftc.gov/documents/bus61-can-spam-act-compliance-guide-business

3. List owners that have a list of under 250 subscribers and host their website at FMPWEB can send up to 2 campaigns a month at no charge. Additional emails are sent at the standard rate. This offer can not be accumulated or rolled over.

4. All subscriber complaints must be dealt with immediately, and complaints that can not be handled by the list owner should be forwarded to Marketing eMail for handling. Complaints made directly to Marketing eMail will be shared with the list owner.

5. You must provide at least a minimal privacy policy to subscribers on your website. It must state at a minimum: 1) You will only send emails related to your business, organization or yourself to your subscriber list; 2) The email subscriber list will not be shared with any third party.

6. You must use tools provided by Marketing eMail to collect subscribers, manage subscribers, and to send email to subscribers.

7. In the event that you wish to transfer your list away from Marketing eMail, you will need to publish new, operating subscribe and unsubscribe forms on your website. Once those are established, We will promptly transfer data files of your subscribers and unsubscribes to transfer to your new provider.

8. If any of the above policies are violated, the list may be suspended and/or access be denied to the list. The list will then be permanently deleted from our servers after 30 days if no resolution can be reached between Marketing eMail and the list owner.

Marketing eMail is cloud based email marketing that provides opt-in and opt-out straight from your website. Your customers are not taken to another website to manage their subscription to your list. They stay on your website. Expired email addresses are automatically removed from your list, and subscribers can remove themselves without you having to take any actions.

You are provided a secure password protected web interface where you can monitor and manage your list and campaigns.

We provide our clients with easy and affordable email marketing services. Marketing eMail also adheres to all laws surrounding email marketing and email list services, and feels that protecting email list subscribers to be as important as providing effective email marketing.

Marketing eMail reserves the right to change its rates and policies. Policies above are effective as of 9/23/2018.

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