Every Marketing eMail client is supplied a template with their own branding and style. We believe that your emails should tie into your website and include your logo and NOT LOOK LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE'S EMAIL MARKETING. Every template includes the information needed to make your emails CAN-SPAM Act compliant and insure deliverability. They include your physical address, phone number, your url, the email address of the recipient, and a link to your unsubscribe form. Social media sharing can be included at no extra charge.

Additional templates for a client are always available for free or a small fee depending on the actual requirements.

Marketing eMail does not emblazon your emails with our logo. We do include a small link to our service as a means to market ourselves and be available to field any subscriber complaints. This is always at the very bottom of the email in small plain type.

Custom Design

We do offer custom email design for an additional fee. Most of our designs are usually $40 or less. To insure our custom designs are affordable, we cap email design at $150 per job. Most custom designs become an additional template that can be reused again at no cost.

« this example was designed for a particular event incorporating the artist's work into the message as well as logos that pertained to the umbrella event.


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